Leftover Lunch WP (Copy)

Ricoh GR Photos

Leftovers for Lunch, Washington, DC, 2015


Garages 2 WP (Copy)Garages WP

Ricoh GR Photos

Garages in Garageland, both 1 & 2, Washington, DC, 2015


North Portal House 4 WP

North Portal House 2 WP

North Portal House 3 WP

North Portal House 1 WP

We went to see if they still do that thing at the North Portal Street House.
They do!

Ricoh GR Photos

North Portal Street Christmas Lights at The Bishop’s House – Washington, DC, 2014

Tapes I'm Listening To

Cassette Tape 2: Getaway Car demo featuring Kim Thompson, Mike Fellows, and Guy Picciotto recorded live at the 9:30 club in 1993

Getaway Car Demo Cover

Getaway Car Demo Cover

Here I am at home listening to the 2nd cassette I found after just hooking my friend’s tape player up. I moved 3 years ago, and haven’t looked at the box all the cassettes were packed in since then. And even before the move, I wasn’t listening to many cassettes at home, though I did listen to a lot in the car, as I used to drive a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera with a kick ass factory installed cassette player. The car was burgundy both interior and exterior. Sure do miss my Camille.

Anyhow, today I am listening to the Getaway Car demo. This demo tape was recorded live off of the soundboard at the old 9:30 club in Washington, DC in 1993. I cannot for the life of me remember if I went to that specific show, but I did see them live at the time, as I had just moved to DC in 1991. I bought the cassette demo directly from Kim Thompson at one of their shows, just not sure which one. Feels like it was at a party, and I feel like when I saw them it was just Mike Fellows and Kim, with no drummer. But it was 20 or so years ago, so it’s kind of hard to remember. The demo tape was released on Rodeo Recordings which was Kim Thompson’s label.  Her goal as stated on the insert (pictured below) was “dedicated to making available music that might not otherwise be released, such as bands that have now dissolved, project bands and live tapes.” It was the second Rodeo release, and the only one that I am familiar with.

The line up on the demo is:
Mike Fellows (guitar & vox):  Insurrection, Government Issue (G.I.), Rites of Spring, Happy Go Licky, Little Baby, Miighty Flashlight , Silver Jews, Royal Trux and Will Oldham , and maybe more.

Kim Thompson (guitar & vox): Cupid Car Club (check this link out for their demo), Apehouse,  and The Delta 72.

Guy Picciotto (drums):  
Insurrection, Rites of Spring, Happy Go Licky, One Last Wish, Fugazi, Black Light Panthers, Brief Weeds, record producer and  back-up musician for the late Vic Chesnutt.

This recording definitely has all the elements you would expect considering the other music the players have been involved with over time. Royal Trux, The Cramps, The Velvet Underground, and The Dream Syndicate are what come to mind while listening to this tape over and over again (it’s pretty short). Also important to note is that although this was recorded live, none of these songs sound out of tune, therefore they will not be listed on my previous post.

Track Listing:

Side A.

Whatever You’re Hard On

Knockout Artist

Hey Saturn

Fuck On Off

Kreem Me Man

Side B.

Sony Radio

I’m Not So Strange

He’s My Thing

Thanks for the Time of Day

You may ask yourself, “How do I get to hear these rare pieces of music now that you got me super excited about it?” And I am going to answer you. I was originally going to go through the tedium of burning the songs off of the tape onto a CD once I hook the Sony CD burner up, and then transfer to my computer, and then post for you a link to access the songs on some media storage site, but then I found that someone already went through this process in 2010.

If you check out this page over here at Chunklet, make sure you thank him for allowing you to listen and download the Getaway Car demo. I did not need to do this, because, you know, I have the cassette. That’s what I’ve been talking about this whole time.

Getaway Car Demo Insert

Getaway Car Demo Insert

Please note that the below address may no longer house any Getaway Car occupants.

Getaway Car Demo Cassette

Getaway Car Demo Cassette

Please let us know if you have a copy of the Apehouse demo also featuring Kim Thompson.


Casey Trees Member Event at Fathom Gallery – 10/02/13

I went to the Casey Trees Autumn Member Event held at the Fathom Gallery on 14th St. NW Washington, DC.
This event was to thank donors and increase their membership. Casey Trees works with the city of Washington, DC to increase the percentage of greenery within the city. Their mission is to “To restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the nation’s capital.”
To learn more or to become a member can be done by visiting the Casey Trees Website.

You can get updated information by following the Casey Trees Facebook page.

It was a very nice event and the space at Fathom Gallery was lovely, particularly the outdoor deck in the rear of the building with two skylights that give you a view of Fathom Creative below.

As always, remember to water your neighborhood trees. They need more water than we realize. I saw this for myself within the last 3 years of living in my neighborhood. I have watered one of 3 trees in my block, and the one in front of our house stands tall and strong, while the other two appear to be struggling.


Casey Trees Staff


Mark Buscaino, Casey Trees Executive Director





Future planting plans


Friends of McMillan Park, Washington, DC

I volunteered for the Annual Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts fair held over two days this past weekend at Union Market in Washington, DC. On the first of many trips back and forth to the car to drop off a load of multiple purchases, I ran into a guy standing by the western gate holding a clipboard and asking me if I wanted to sign a petition. I learned that he was with Friends of McMillan Park and he gave me a brief history of an area of land that I have driven by for the last 22 years. Whether I was criss-crossing the city on Michigan Avenue next to the Washington Hospital Center or barreling down the length of the city on North Capitol Street, I always admired the look of what I thought was just the water reservoir with its low lying silos and fenced in expanse of land. I did not know that  I was looking at The Sand Filtration Site which is part of the larger historic McMillan Park Reservoir.

My new friend explained that starting with Mayor Fenty, the city has eagerly wanted to redevelop the land with condominiums, apartments, retail shopping, and parks. Of course many people are against this, and though I didn’t even know this was going on before this past weekend, I am against it too. I signed the petition, and urged anyone I knew at the fair to do the same.

A good friend of mine told me that she went on a tour of the site about a year ago, and a large part of it is underground, which was spectacular to see. The site is now closed to the public, which is unfortunate. I want to see it for myself.

Besides taking a look at the Friends of McMillan website where you can take action and sign their petition, I also learned more on the New Columbia Heights blog which had a post back in June 2013 on the same subject.