“Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles” – The Music of Adolf Wolfli Performed by Graeme Revell (SPK), Nurse With Wound, and Deficit Des Annes Anterieures


Sometime in the mid 1990s I stumbled across this LP record of interpretations of music composed on paper trumpets, and laid out in strange paintings and drawings by Adolf Wolfli, who was incarcerated in a Swiss institution in the early 1900’s. Found the record at Bonifant Books in Wheaton, MD, which was my favorite record store until they disappeared. The buyer was a former employee at Joe’s Record Paradise and he knew his records.

Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles – The Music Of Adolf Wölfli was released on vinyl by Musique Brut (BRU 002) in 1986.

Of course you’ll want to hear one of the interpretations, this one by Graeme Revell:

If you like this it looks like you can purchase or download the entire record.

It’s worth a visit to the official homepage of The Adolf Wölfli Foundation, Museum of Fine Arts Bern, Switzerland

to educate yourself more on Wolfli should you be so inclined.