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Get a Load of These Mugs

mugs WP

But did I ever tell you about the time these guys met?
Here they are conspicuously mugging for the camera.

I am sad to report that the gray one on house left got mugged on the way to the Metro this morning. They took his wallet and his best lid. We taking replacement donations of all denominations and variants. I saw the mug shot of the assailant.


North Portal House 4 WP

North Portal House 2 WP

North Portal House 3 WP

North Portal House 1 WP

We went to see if they still do that thing at the North Portal Street House.
They do!

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North Portal Street Christmas Lights at The Bishop’s House – Washington, DC, 2014

Ricoh GR Photos

They’re Throwing All Cognitive Distortions To the Winds

Staple Remover WP

Shortly after I started my new job six months ago, the staple remover I was assigned to confided in me one day. She stated that she thought she might have a crush on the communal chrome staple remover usually kept in the copier room. I slyly arranged for a group outing to the local Bamboo Buffet and worked it out so that they sat next to each other. They got to talking over their mutual dislike for 김치, and the rest was herstory if you know what I’m saying.
Well, they’re throwing all cognitive distortions to the winds and getting married this weekend and then they’re off to honeymoon over in 中华人民共和国, the land where they were made.
I’m not quite sure yet how I’m going to separate any stapled papers that come across my desk over the next two weeks while they’re gone?