Memories of Work Life.

I volunteered at a hospital when I was 14 and had to transport a classmate who was in a coma to CT scan.
I transported an older gentleman with a brain injury who talked to me thinking I was his son.
I worked with a man who had snew in his blood.
I worked for a man who forced me to clean the yogurt machine.
I worked for a man who called me Gomer Pyle because I wore combat boots.
I worked with a Toy Department Manager who used to be the drummer of KC and the Sunshine Band.
I worked with a truck crew that would call me Lurch and throw hangers at me.
I worked with an Executive Director who screamed at us upon return from Fat Camp and we got the Board of Directors to fire her.
I worked with a guy who built a sweat lodge in his backyard and collected roadkill.
I worked with a woman with cigarette burns on her fingers and lips.
I worked with a schizophrenic who swore to me that her psychiatrist penetrated a slit on his assistant’s belly before her very eyes.

I once worked with a man who, when he saw me eat a dandelion, said “You don’t know whose dogs and cats be peeing on that shit”.
I worked with a CFO who embezzled 300 thousand dollars.
I worked with an autistic man who pushed me over a bush.
I worked with a man who had a henweigh on his neck.
I distributed pizza coupon flyers in Samual Sheinbein’s neighborhood the week that he dismembered and burned Freddy Tello.
I worked with a man who was a doctor in Cuba, but not in the USA.
I worked with a Nigerian man who got me addicted to bitter cola nuts.
I would stand at gas stations giving the middle finger to the sniper when filling the work van with petrol in Montgomery County.
I worked with a man who punched me in the back of the head and it knocked me down.
I worked for a woman who was an ex Black Panther Party Member.
The same woman once asked Sammy Davis Jr. if he knew who he was.
I worked with a woman who taught me it’s “non speech” not “non verbal”.
I worked with a man who’s sole responsibility on a P-Funk tour was to get Sly Stone to the stage.
I worked with a security guard who left his revolver on the back of a toilet and when he went back it was gone.
I worked with a woman who went on to stab another woman in the neck at an ATM in front of NPR.
I worked with a doctor who was obsessed with dwarfism in Ancient Egypt, Ptah and all that.
I worked with a recovering free base user turned continuing sociopath.
I worked with a woman whose sister dated Vince Gray for 20 years.


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