The Boy and the Lime Wedge

photo(1) My 19 or so month old nephew who has so far amassed around 50 English words and a handful of ASL signs looked at me seriously with direct eye contact and handed me a lime wedge that he had already chewed on. I looked at the chewed up wedge and then looked back at him. Without using any actual words I am familiar with, particularly since I myself have so far only amassed 35 English words and half a handful of ASL signs, he said half with his eyes/mind and half in gibberish “Eat it. It’s good. Prevents scurvy”. When he was sure I understood, and I had placed it in my mouth, he proceeded to dump his ice water all over the table in joy. He then pointed to a pile of napkins, and when I handed him a couple, he cleaned up his mess and said “I’m gonna need that lime wedge back”.


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