Casey Trees Member Event at Fathom Gallery – 10/02/13

I went to the Casey Trees Autumn Member Event held at the Fathom Gallery on 14th St. NW Washington, DC.
This event was to thank donors and increase their membership. Casey Trees works with the city of Washington, DC to increase the percentage of greenery within the city. Their mission is to “To restore, enhance and protect the tree canopy of the nation’s capital.”
To learn more or to become a member can be done by visiting the Casey Trees Website.

You can get updated information by following the Casey Trees Facebook page.

It was a very nice event and the space at Fathom Gallery was lovely, particularly the outdoor deck in the rear of the building with two skylights that give you a view of Fathom Creative below.

As always, remember to water your neighborhood trees. They need more water than we realize. I saw this for myself within the last 3 years of living in my neighborhood. I have watered one of 3 trees in my block, and the one in front of our house stands tall and strong, while the other two appear to be struggling.


Casey Trees Staff


Mark Buscaino, Casey Trees Executive Director





Future planting plans


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