Trying to get the feel of a classic country tune ain’t no joke….

We play a lot of cover songs. It has actually helped me to not even listen to the original and just figure it out for myself. Sometimes, of course, I like our version better, sometimes not. Recently we decided to cover George Jones’ “He stopped loving her Today“. I stumbled across this fairly recent video of him performing the tune at the Grand Ole Opry. Two verses in the key of G, then he moves his capo up a half step to G #. It kills me when at the end, his voice cracks on a note, and then he apologizes to the audience for not doing it like he used to could. But I think it’s really sweet. I get the same feeling I do when I listen to the last Johnny Cash recordings. Just a lifetime of sweetness in a true professionals voice. Just tons deeper.

Check it out if you want or haven’t heard this version before, and try not to cry too, too much. I apologize in advance that there is an ad before George comes up, but I think you can skip it in a couple of seconds.


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