Videos that should get me to stop smoking, maybe it will help you?

A friend of mine recently lent me a copy of a compilation of videos of her mentor Victor Crawford, a former Tobacco Lobbyist, and member of State of Maryland Legislature, who died of smoking related cancer at age 63. He lived in Chevy Chase, MD. The videos changed my state of mind about smoking, as I think of them now daily, yet I still continue to smoke.

Maybe the video from when he was on 60 Minutes can help you?

Could not find an embed code that worked, and this video is scarce, but you can view it here

at “Confessions of a Tobacco Lobbyist”

In searching for it I stumbled across this crazy tobacco commercial done by Fred Flinstone for Winston:

There appears to be several of them.

I have said for a long time that “I wasn’t a quitter!” when asked if I was ever going to stop smoking.

And reading Richard Klein’s “Cigarettes Are Sublime” definitely has fostered my continuance.

"Cigarettes Are Sublime" by Richard Klein

“Cigarettes Are Sublime” by Richard Klein

I am not sure what it is going to take, maybe a couple of week’s worth of Chantix, which helped my wife become violently opposed to the whole tobacco experience, or maybe something more life threatening?

I think I’m going to watch a couple more of these videos.

Another good reason for me to quit smoking is that I just ashed into my tea.


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