Stories from the Porch

ADVAETA records 2 songs in a rowhouse music studio next to my house

I was sitting on the front porch smoking a roll up when a SUV with New Jersey license plates pulls up filled with young women who looked like they were lost, but then their looks turned to open hostility when they pulled into the alley and stared me down from their open windows. They drove around back and pulled into my neighbor’s backyard and started to unload guitars and a bunch of big amplifiers.  I watched them a bit as I took the trash out, and then I went back out to the front porch. My neighbor comes out onto his porch with a bowl of guac, and a bag of hard shell tortillas, and I ask him if he is recording a band today. He says “Yeah, I met this band last night, they played at a house over on Delafield, and someone videoed them, but the sound didn’t come out, so I’m recording two of their songs to go with the video.” I asked him what they were called, and he said he did not know.  He went outside when they played the night before because they were so loud, and he already has done some severe damage to his right ear. I thought to myself, great, a super loud band recording in the row house next to mine on a Saturday afternoon, what have I done to deserve this?

So after they finished bringing their equipment into the back of the house, they pulled back around front and headed for the house, and I overcame my shyness and asked them what the name of the band was.

Two of the ladies both had to say it twice before I could understand.


I prepared myself to be extremely annoyed at having my peaceful day ruined by loud noises coming through the walls, the bass rattling the pipes, the floor vibrating, but I was resigned to accept what was about to happen to me, as I have when Paperhaus, or Lightfoot, or  other bands would rehearse or record at various hours on various days for the past year. I wasn’t going to be “The Pumpkin Eater”, who lived next door to us in Mt. Pleasant and called the cops on us multiple times while we were working out our lurid traversals.

Turns out that ADVAETA is great and quite the professionals. They busted out two tunes in the time it took me to dry off from a shower and perform my home dental hygienic routine.

For some reason they brought to mind Nisennenmondai, who graced us all with their presence here in DC a few years back at the Warehouse Nextdoor, along with another quick show in Baltimore, and who stayed with my wife and I in our former apartment over by the Cathedral. While their manager, Katoman, and I went out to Aroma, the Nisennenmondais crafted with the wife. I also remember that Katoman’s suitcase was so heavy at 100 lbs that the check in staff at BWI Airport made him split everything into several other bags. His suitcase was so heavy, in fact, that when I started to pull out of the airport onto the on ramp after getting them settled in, my muffler fell off of my Oldsmobile.

I started to seek ADVAETA out on the googleplex machine though I didn’t really know how to spell their name. Kept finding information about a similarly named Indian fusion band.

The rest is the best of what I found and I hope to catch them next time they come back to town. I wanted to ask them if I could take a picture, especially when one of them was standing on top of their SUV, but I was too shy to ask them. It turned out to be a good day after all and I learned something new.

If this keeps up, I will never have to leave the house.

“Advaeta Made Me Brunch” from My Social List Blog

This tune on the youtube is powerfully moving.

Advaeta Blogspot

ADVAETA Indian Summer Tour Dates from Hear.Say Press


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